At Markethub, our store shoppers play a vital role in ensuring a seamless shopping experience for our customers. They are responsible for navigating the aisles of our partner supermarkets and selecting the groceries as per the customer’s order. To maintain the highest level of service and customer satisfaction, we have established the following Store Shopper Policy:


  1. Qualifications:

– Store shoppers must have a good record and possess a clean background with no criminal records.

– They should be able to familiarize themselves quickly with the layout and organization of the assigned supermarket.

– The ability to work independently and efficiently is essential for store shoppers.

– Store shoppers must be trustworthy as they will be entrusted with the company’s credit card for purchasing the groceries.

– Familiarity with our website and the ability to access and retrieve orders via the company email system is required.

– Store shoppers should have good attention to detail and be able to accurately understand and fulfill customer orders.


  1. Responsibilities:

– Store shoppers are responsible for browsing through the supermarket aisles and selecting the specific items as per the customer’s order.

– They should ensure that the selected items are of high quality and meet the customer’s specifications.

– Store shoppers must handle all groceries with care to prevent damage or spoilage during the shopping process.

– They are responsible for accurately bagging and packaging the groceries for the delivery team.

– Store shoppers must complete their assigned tasks within the specified time frame to ensure timely delivery to the customers.


  1. Communication and Coordination:

– Store shoppers should maintain open communication with the company’s operations team.

– Any issues or concerns related to inventory, unavailable items, or substitutions should be promptly communicated.

– Store shoppers should follow any special instructions or preferences provided by customers regarding their grocery selections.


  1. Confidentiality and Security:

– Store shoppers must handle the company’s credit card and payment transactions with the utmost confidentiality and security.

– They should not disclose any sensitive information or misuse the company’s resources.

– Store shoppers must adhere to the company’s policies regarding data protection and customer privacy.


By adhering to this Store Shopper Policy, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service, and their grocery orders are accurately fulfilled. We value the dedication and professionalism of our store shoppers in delivering exceptional customer experiences.